At TaskMastrs we want to act as an extension of your own team
and help to complement it with our wide range of services.

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Administrative Mastrs Virtual Assistants

We understand that it can be difficult to hand off some of these tasks to someone else; as such, we ensure our virtual assistants are highly trained and knowledgeable.

Appointment Setting
Data Entry
Email/Inbox Management
Enterprise Resource Planning and Management

Our virtual assistant professionals are prepared to handle these important tasks with fidelity, confidentiality, and efficiency.

Marketing Mastrs
Virtual Assistants

On top of the Administrative Mastrs skillset, Marketing Mastrs virtual assistant comes equipped with advanced marketing skills and will help you reach your online conversion goals including but not limited to:

Social Media Management
Marketing Management
Marketing Campaigns
SEO Optimization

Our virtual assistant professionals are prepared to handle these important tasks with fidelity, confidentiality, and efficiency.

Technical Mastrs
Virtual Assistants

Along with administrative mastery, our Technical Mastrs virtual assistants offer well-rounded knowledge in the realms of:


Graphics Design
Logo and Branding
Web Design & Development
Website Maintenance
Chatbot Integration
Video Editing


We understand small and local business website needs and we’ll build it right! Our Technical Mastrs virtual assistant will help turbocharge your business’ first impression and first page on google. 

Sales Mastrs
Virtual Assistants

A sales pipeline channel you can bank on! Our Sales Mastr virtual assistants are trained and equipped with knowledge and skills that will help your business find interested customers and convert them to committed customers. Each of our specialized Sales Mastrs virtual assistants come with:

Proven Effective Scripting
CRM / Database Management
Cold Calling
Transaction Coordination

We understand the importance of business image and online reputation. Our Sales Mastrs virtual assistants are coachable and can be trained on how you want them to represent you. Ultimately, giving you the freedom so you can focus your efforts and time on face-to-face client engagements.

TaskMastrs Value Propositions


resilience taskmasters virtual assistance outsourcing


Hiring only the best & top tier virtual assistants. Even before becoming a Mastr, skill tests will be conducted to ensure the quality of their work is match to our standards and more importantly, to yours.


resilience taskmasters virtual assistance outsourcing


Quick to recover from any obstacles, trained to pivot actions masterfully whenever an issue arrives.




Direct access to your dedicated virtual assistant. With clear communication channels, you can control their work quality, productivity and workload.




Our pricing structure is straightforward with no hidden charges. All kinds of documents for you & and from you will always be upfront, giving you clarity on the whole process.




The quality of our Mastrs will always be of great importance, & our top priority is your success.


TaskMastrs Process


Taskmasters Logo Inspiration Virtual Assistant Outsourcing Company

Our 4 step process is built around the 3 founding values of TaskMastrs

We believe that your heavy involvement early on will be key to the success of your virtual assistants. This type of Collaboration will naturally have a purpose-driven work or People-Centric result that would drive your virtual assistants with high-quality execution. Through our 360° Support we will maintain the quality of your virtual assistants and ensure the best return on your investment.  Your team should be ready to begin work in as little as 1 week after you start the process.

Job Analysis

Identifying the job description and scope of work. Itemize processes that a Mastr will be doing mainly through objective visualization. Establishing the measurable KPI’s and technical requirements relative to the job description to properly determine the level of interview and skill tests to assess a candidates’ qualifications.


Talent Sourcing

We have exclusive access to a pool of top tier Mastrs on standby, ready and trained internally. If the candidates do not satisfy the criteria based on the Job Analysis, we will post high quality job ads and carry out our multi-point screening process.

Educational and criminal background checks will be conducted and documented. The shortlisted candidates will be endorsed to you for the final interview.
Last will be a feedback discussion between you and TaskMastrs hiring team.

Setup and Onboarding

Job offers, employment contracts and signing for successful candidates will happen here.

After that, the onboarding process begins, requirements, orientation and workstation setup, along with training on client-specific tools/platforms.

Operations Management

With everything set up, from the business hours, systems and processes they should follow, and to reports on their KPIs, you can manage these TaskMastrs easily and less stress.

In addition to that, we will also check on their KPIs to check if there’s room for improvements.

TaskMastrs will take care of the following so you don’t have to:

Recruitment, HR, Payroll, Labor Compliance, Staff Retention,
Performance Management,IT Equipment & Support,
Project Managing your Virtual Assistants

Your dedicated Account Manager for you
and your remote team of virtual assistants

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